Tom’s troublesome tale

John O Regan tells of the wee story of Tom Joyce’s efforts at the 2017 Assembly.

Tom had the pleasure (!) of receiving the ‘Hard Luck’ award for the event.  If you look closely, you may spot a bit of bruising around the eye – this little trauma occurred on his way to Killarney for the event on his 1929 Terrot HST when a diesel spillage on the road caused a wee fall resulting in the black eye.

Undaunted, he returned home and dragged out a 1927 Triumph P, pictured below.  Then at the roundabout near the hotel, the Triumph picked up a puncture.  Add a few more repairs before Tom got to ride on the remaining days.  Alas, on Friday, clutch trouble saw the bike being transported back to Offaly.

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